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Food Procurement Service Iberica S.A. (FPS)

FPS Ibérica SA was created in 1990, and our enterprising spirit has made us stronger over these almost 30 years. Since its foundation, FPS Ibérica has grown from a beef importer and distributor to a supplier of a wide range of raw materials for the food industries across the world.

Our assurance that we only supply safe and high quality products, our responsible and reliable communication policy, and our motivated, highly responsible and personally committed team, have been the key to our growth.

Supply for the Food Industry

A team and a system

In 1997, FPS Ibérica started supplying natural beef to baby food manufacturers.

In order to ensure compliance with the stringent requirements laid down by European legislation for this special niche, we started to design a systematic work procedure based on control at origin. We designed a structure with the twofold aim of finding the best possible price for a product and ensuring it is fully tested prior to delivery.

We monitor the pastures were the livestock graze, their feeding, transport to abattoirs and slaughter under extremely high animal welfare standards, right up to the end product, which undergoes extremely comprehensive testing for residues, nutritional value, allergenic substances, QACs, etc. to ensure that they fully meet the individual specifications of each particular client.

The success of our work system led us to apply it to all the products we currently market.


Twenty-seven years ago, Beverly John Colson and Alejandro Montero Moscatelli founded FPS Ibérica SA to market fresh meats and canned meats. Beverly was based in London, the owner of Food Procurement Service UK, with 35 years’ experience in the canned meat market; and Alejandro was the owner of Readyhill Española SA, engaging in the import and distribution of fresh beef.

(*) From its inception, FPS Ibérica SA incorporated the 10 Principles of the Global compact, based on United Nations declarations on human rights, labour, environment and corruption issues.

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